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Resurgam News II April 2018

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Resurgam News I March 2018


Photo Gallery of our open meeting 28.4.18 discussing militarism with Rhianna Louise from Forces Watch, Symon Hill from Peace Pledge Union, and Ellis Brooks from Quaker Peace & Social Witness. A small group shared extensively their understandings and we were encourage to take the matter further and seek out the seeds of war that exist all around and in ourselves. A big thank you to our guests for coming and for all participants for making a stimulating afternoon.


Uxbridge Quakers enjoy getting together and giving some extra attention to our meeting house and garden.

Pictures from an autumn Working Bee which was followed by a great shared lunch



Early December we had a shared lunch with a Yuletide theme with poetry reading and some unaccompanied carol signing. Lots of food to go around. Great fun.



Meet our member Walter Hayman – former university mathematician with his own memoirs in print – My life and Functions – he is generous and caring towards members and attenders, and can usually be expected to turn up on a Sunday morning, and participate in our business meetings and shared lunches. He was generous enough to agree to be photographed for the website.

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